PlaygirlproductCatalog_4up.inddPGW144-Black-Silver-PLAY310-PLAY850-Black-1ACroppedPlaygirl Corsets are crafted from three layers of cloth using precision steel boning and parts. The fabrics used are luxury silks and specialist satins that cannot be found elsewhere. The corsets are affordable luxury. They all come with six suspender loops at the bottom of the corset and four loops at the top of the corsets for straps. All are lace up back, have a modesty panel, an internal stabilizing ribbon and are 100% cotton on the inside to keep the wearer cool. The corsets are designed to give a 4-5 inch waist reduction and help the wearer achieve that much sought after hourglass figure. Sizing from 22” to 36”. Our waist training corsets go even further giving a 6-7 inch waist reduction. Not to be missed our latex waist training fajas and our waist cincher lingerie. Also within the Playgirl Collection are the specialty full cosplay corsets/fancy dress outfits, Steampunk, as well as boots, shoes, skirts, dresses, jackets and accessories to complete the ultimate outfit look.