Maintaining Your Corset

The below care instructions are for Fashion Corsets (un-boned or plastic boning) and should not be used for Steel Boned Corsets. For Steel Boned Corsets we recommend dry cleaning only!

How to wash a corset

Most people tend to follow this ‘look after your corset’ rule and don’t wash their corsets that often, take a hint from the great corset wearers of yesteryear and think about wearing a chemise or corset liner under your corset to help to keep it fresh. However if it does come time for a wash then never ever put your corset in a washing machine – even if it does have a hand wash setting!

Simply immerse your corset in a bowl of luke-warm water that has a touch of very mild detergent or shampoo. Think about how you would bath a baby and then use similar amount of care, water temperature and detergent, to wash your corset. If there are any specific stains then let them soak for a little before gently rubbing them with your fingers of a very soft cloth (a muslin style face cloth should be soft enough). Never be tempted to scrub at stains as this is likely to damage the delicate fabric.

Once clean then you should use a similar amount of care to extract the water from your corset, never scrunch it or wring it out. Gently support your corset and let the majority of the water drip out and then lay it on a clean towel, place another towel on top and then roll it up to get some of the further water out. Then place your corset flat on another clean dry and towel and leave it in a warm airy place (an airing cupboard is perfect if you are lucky enough to have one) away from direct heat or sunlight, until it has completely dried.

How to store a corset

Once you have taken all that time and effort to properly wash and dry your corset then it would be a crime to just stuff it in a drawer! So there are two methods that we recommend for properly storing your corset. Firstly you can hang then up into your wardrobe, simply use a trouser/skirt hanger (the ones with the clips) to hang your corset inside out and upside down – you can also protect your corset by folding cotton wool pads between the fabric and the clip. Or secondly you can lay your corset flat and either wrap it in tissue paper and lay in it a roomy drawer or its own box, or wrap it a specific corset bag.